general pricing guideline

1 - 6 Lanes: $950 per kit

7+ Lanes: $925 per kit

      Additional Material Needed:      


       The Rogue six trolley operates along a dual-rail setup of 1 x 1 x 3/16 standard angle steel. The rails typically cost approximately .88-.95 cents per foot. Rails are not included with the kit price due to simple logistics. Sourcing the rails locally is more economic.

     Hangers & Braces:

      The dual rails are suspended from mounting surfaces utilizing 1/4-inch flat stock.  Once suspended, the rails are then braced using 3/16-inch flat stock or similar materials like all-thread depending upon your installation plans.

       Miscellaneous:       Miscellaneous:

       Since the Rogue Six Target Retrieval system was designed for flexibility, there are always unanticipated costs to consider.  Typically, these are minor and relate primarily to fasteners, wood trusses and other methods needed to suspend the rails.  A good rule of thumb is to plan on spending approximately an additional $75-$125 per lane overall.

      Remember, the Rogue Six system can be installed in buildings with wood trusses, bar joists or even outdoors with stanchions so the possibilities are endless in the configuration.  Since each install is different, a thorough review of your existing infrastructure will help greatly with estimating your final cost.