PULLEY SYSTEMS

As you can see from this photo, the pulley systems are flexible in their mounting options.  In this case, the upper arm assembly was mounted to a 2x6 that ran the breadth of the range and acted as a bulkhead. In many ranges, a steel tubular bulkhead is already in place and serves the same purpose.  Equally, the dual swivel pulley in this range was mounted to steel tubes welded in place on custom-built shooting stalls.  In all, there are dozens of configurations that work with the Rogue Six Target System.  If you can imagine the configuration, it can probably be done.

                      TROLLEY AND TARGET HANGER 

This is a side-view of one style of the Rogue Six custom trolley and target hanger.  After years of experience, we learned one thing: durability, simplicity and cost-effectiveness are key.  The trolley is streamlined, hard to hit and slim in its design.  The hanger swivels and provides a slim profile.  They are quick to remove and affordable to replace.  The sold-steel base can withstand thousands of direct hits without damage to its effectiveness.

                             HAND WHEEL
This is a look at our standard handwheel and idler pulley.  The handwheel moves the target roughly 6-9 feet per revolution.  The wheel is easily mounted to almost any type of    shooting stall.


In this installation, the Rogue Six team built a false wall on the last lane to make it useable as an effective lane.


This range is nearly completed except for the bracing and gussets that stabilize the rails.  Gussets and custom bracing are not included as part of each "kit" but are quoted whenever the Rogue Six team conducts the installation.  Bracing between lanes is typically achieved using 1 x 1 x 3/16 steel or equivalent.


                            A COMPLETED LANE

This is a view of a finished lane cabled and ready to use.  As you can see, the nylon cable is simple to attach and a spring is used to maintain the tension between routine maintenance and tightening.

Below are some images from a recent outdoor range installation.