The following checklist is useful to determine your material needs and installation requirements. Whether you intend to install the systems yourself or hire a contractor, these are important questions to answer beforehand:

  • How is your roof constructed? Do you have wooden trusses, bar joists, concrete or another style of construction? This question is important because it will determine the best method to suspend the rails.
  • Do you currently have an existing target system? If so, is it a cable system or rail system?
  • If you currently have a cable system in place, what type of mounting systems are available at either end of the range?
  • Do you have shooting stalls? If so, what type and how are they constructed?  Remember, a good mounting surface for the handwheel is important.  Luckily, the Rogue Six system is flexible enough to be mounted to most existing stalls or any flat surface which is stable.  
  • How high is your ceiling from floor to trusses?
  • Do you have baffles already in place? If so, how high are the lower edges of the baffles from the floor?
  • Do you have a bulkhead or other laterally mounted support structure running across each lane on the stall side of your range? Note: If an existing surface is not present, a lateral surface is always necessary to mount the Upper Arm Pulley Assembly.  
  • Do you have experience welding or have a welder available? Typically, some welding is required during the course of installation.  This varies from site to site of course.
  • What length is your range from the shooter stalls to the bullet trap?
  • Do you plan to install the systems outdoors? If so, you will need to provide for a method of suspension such as overhead baffles, etc. Also, it is recommended that the handwheel and trolley be under cover when not in use.
  • Oftentimes, we will request some photos of your range prior to a specialized quotation. Typically, these photos are of the following:
    • Shooting stall configuration
    • Shooting stalls
    • Ceiling construction overhead of the shooters and bullet trap
    • Existing Baffles
    • Existing carrier system (if any) such as cables, trolleys, rails, etc.