The Rogue Six Target Retrieval system offers some distinct benefits when compared to more expensive competitors. There is nothing fancy, mind you, but in a world where firearms target equipment is almost unaffordable, the Rogue Six system makes sense.

       Rogue Six Benefits

       Cost Effective: A typical six-lane range would be paid for with fewer than 275 shooters using an average cost of $20 per shooter.

     Simple: Rogue Six target systems are incredibly simple to maintain.  The days of costly repairs to replace switches, motors, bells, tracks or aircraft cable are gone.  The Rogue Six systems operate under manual power and utilize nylon cable to drive the trolley along the rails.

       Durable: The system was designed to minimize bullet impact and damage to the components.  Even the target hangers (which typically bear the brunt of damage) withstand immense abuse. The best part? The hangers only cost about $40 apiece to replace.

       Stable: Unlike motorized cable systems, the Rogue Six Target Retrieval System minimizes target sway and movement - even with heavy exhaust fans in operation.

      Efficient: Not only is the Rogue Six setup affordable to purchase and install, fixed operating costs are zero as they are manually powered.  This can greatly decrease costs of electricity and free up power throughout your facility.

      Most importantly, the Rogue Six system gets the job done and saves you a lot of headache in the process.  Whether you are retrofitting an existing range or building a new one within a budget, the Rogue Six system offers a number of benefits.